Riccardo Capecchi is the animation director at Capechino Animation cc. In the late 70’s Ric studied animation at the Institudo del Cinema Italy, then went on to work as an inbetweener at Bozzetto Studios also in Milan. In the mid 80’s Ric opened up his first animation studio in South Africa called Capecchi & Friends.

He provided his animation services to almost every leading international advertising firm, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Klerck & Barrett, BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather Rightford Searle Tripp Makin, Young & Rubicam, Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett, Grey Advertising, TBWA Hunt Lascaris and J Walter Thompson & Co ( Pty ) Ltd.

Ric decided to further his animation skills by accepting a one year contract with Walt Disney Studios in Burbank Los Angeles. He worked on projects such as The Lion King ( video Game ), Donald Duck – The Adventures of Maui Millard ( video game ) and Gargoyles ( T.V. and video game ).

In June 1998, Ric continued his training by attending an animation course in New York, which was held by Richard Williams who is famous for being the animation director on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit“.

In July 2007, Ric was accepted and had the privilege of being taught by Pixar and Dreamworks animators, on a 2 week, Character Animation Master Class course, at Gobelin School of Animation in Paris, France.


In the past 25 years in which Ric has had his own studio, he has won numerous local and international awards.

These include : –
Clio Award – General
International Film & T.V. Festival of New York Award
Silver Quill Award
Association of Advertising Agencies Award
Busca Award – General
Loerie Award – General
Cannes International Advertising Film Festival Award
Diploma of Participation at Annecy Animation Film Festival – General
Vuka Awards – Finalist

Some  still frames of the animation references Ric did for the DSTV spot


VIRTUAL & AUGMENTED REALITY offer virtual and augmented reality. Please view their work through the link below.


Our associates in India have a skilled conversion team


Stereo conversion is a very detail oriented task that requires highly specialised skills.

In converting from 2d to 3d, the plates will need extensive roto and masking, and also require cleanup and reconstruction. This is very intensive work but is essential to make the result as natural and believable as possible.

We have a well trained, skilled and talented team that utilise an in-house process to do the work quickly & efficiently, getting great results, on time.

When your budget won’t allow shooting in 3d, or you need a solution for existing footage, we can turn your story into an engaging, 3d experience.


It’s time to put on your anaglyph glasses!


Our associates in India are also able to provide the following :


No matter how large or small the matte extraction task, be it a leopard at full run, or a single blade of grass. We will prep the mattes to the specifications required. including stereoscopic roto services.


This is one of the biggest chores in VFX, and an essential part of all modern film making. Whether we are removing a simple wire or an entire support structure, we make sure that it gets done right.


Camera tracking, layout and matchmoving play a huge part in CG integration. We can provide the required object, layout and camera data back to the VFX team, that is pixel accurate to the supplied plates.


We have a very experienced team of artists, to create set extentions and environments to meet any requirement. Whether for film, series or television, we have the artists who can create it.


This is of paramount importance to us. We have a well maintained, encrypted server to ensure that the highest level of security is achieved.

We realize that all the material we handle is of the utmost importance and we maintain total confidentiality all the way.