DSTV – African Xmas

With a tight deadline and lots of animal characters and animation, this was a challenging project that many thought was not doable in the required time frame. Cinegestix took on the challenge and delivered a beautiful and engaging spot that exceeded expectations.

The characters provided many challenges, from creating the hair and fur, to the myriad animations required. They all needed to be textured and shaded to look real and full of life, and they had to be in a huge environment that was cohesive and realistic.

We scanned a baobab and this was the central point. From there we built the surrounding environment and the rocks, the oasis and the grassland. Thanks to modern technology and the availability of assets like Megascans, we were able to deliver, crafting the assets to meet the required look and quality.

Our animation team, both local & abroad delivered the performances that make this spot so engaging and fun, and with the guidance of Ric Capecchi who created 2d animation guides, we were able to hit the mark right from the start.

And the sheer amount of data – from the animation exports, to the 27 million poly Baobab & environment meshes kept us finding clever ways to be more efficient and get the shots done on time.

Thanks to the talented and tenacious artists we have, we delivered on time and exceeded expectations.