BEAR – a five week fur fest
With only five weeks from initial brief to delivery, we had our work cut out to get this one done. But with judicious use of all the latest tools – from Redshift to Flame – we delivered on time.
The main challenge we faced here was matching the live action bear. Getting all the little details that made him unique was quite a challenge, but our team was up to it. With Houdini’s great grooming and fur tools we were able to iterate quickly to achieve the desired result, and using Redshift to render made the lighting and lookdev stage a pleasure. We set up a GPU farm to handle the load and with each node equipped with four nVidia 1080ti graphics cards, it was good to go! Our animation teams, both local and abroad, delivered great animation and our artists added the muscle system to give the added realism that our client required. With plenty of animation reference shot and our Xsens motion capture suit being utilised, we were able to get the motion we needed. Shotgun was a great help in keeping track of all the shots and assets and enabled us to work efficiently with teams that were off-site, especially with the time zone differences of our overseas partners. And when the comp stage began, with Nuke and Flame we were able to integrate and grade with ease. Many said it couldn’t be done, but we did it!